Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu

Somayagam is a Yajna evolved by the great Indian saints in the Threthayuga for the prosperity of all living beings in the entire universe. It has gained much greater relevance in this conflict-ridden modern world marked by frequent wars, natural calamities, cut-throat competition and ecological disasters. The Yajna is globally recognised as a means of fostering universal harmony and brotherhood among mankind. It is said that, in the Puranic period, Somarasa was offered to the Devas to enable them to lead a nectar-like life.

Both Sree Narasimhamoorthy and Sree Sudarsanamoorthy - the main deities - are worshipped with equal reverence at the Thuravoor temple.It is the staunch belief that those who worship Narasimhamoorthy here will earn the blessings of the entire galaxy of gods.Goddess Mahalakshmi will also bless them with every happiness and wealth.

Ohm Vajranakhaya Vidmahe Theekshna damshtraya dheemahi Thanno Nrisimha prachodayath.

Worship of Lord Mahavishnu, in his manifestation as Sudarsanamoorthy, will ensure that they are protected against all obstructions, sorrows and sins and are blessed with a long, successful and prosperous life.

Ohm Sudarsanaya Vidmahe Mahajwalaya dheemahi Thanno Chakra prochodayath.

With the forthcoming Somayagam, Thuravoor Mahakshethram will again reverberate with Vedic chants. Scholars and spiritual leaders from all over India are getting ready to conduct the Yajna.

Lord Brahma, creator of life on earth, also created the institution of Yajnas. According to Him, human beings can rise to the level of God by observing such Yajnas. While the temple premises and the neighbourhood resonate with the chanting of Advaitha Mantras in front of the sacred Yajna fire, there will be prayers and offerings for all Devas, with the priest saying, ‘Idam Na Mama’ (‘This is not for me, but for the entire universe’). The Devas receiving these sacrificial offerings will also say, ‘Idam Na Mama’. (‘For the wellbeing of all mankind and other living creatures, I give it all back to the earth’).

Universal wellbeing is the most important and oft-repeated concept underlying this Yajna. Such a lofty form of worship has not existed anywhere else in the world, prior to or since recorded history. That is why even the modern world recognises Somayagam as the mankind’s noblest tradition of selflessness and self-sacrifice. After several years of meticulous and unbiased research, many modern universities and other scholastic institutions in the world agree that the ‘phenomenon of Somayagam has a strong scientific base and the Yajna is found to bring the desired results’.

Preparations are going on at a brisk pace for the historic Yajna. Acharyas, Vedic schoalrs, spiritual leaders and devotees all over the country have started observing Vratas to make the epochal event a grand success. Along with the Yajna, there will be other rites like Mahaganapathi Homam, Sudarsana Homam, Purushasooktha Homam, Lakshmi-Narasimha Homam and Kanakabhishekam for the deities.

During the seven days of this spiritual event and also throughout the entire month of Vaisakha, thousands of devotees are expected to visit the temple and offer worship. These revered guests are to be fed everyday.


Chennas Dinesan Namboodiripad(Tantri, Guruvayur Temple)

General Convenor

T.G. Padmanabhan Nair(President, Kshethra Bhakthajanasamithi)